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Picpoul de Pinet - Marc Medeville

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Picpoul de Pinet - Marc Medeville

Take a wine lover’s journey along the Mediterranean Sea, south of Marseille, to the Picpoul de Pinet terroir-the largest white wine region in Languedoc-a limestone plateau exposed to morning sun and covered with fragrant shrubs, orderly vineyards, and tall pine forests, producing crystalline pale-green wines with a subtle nose and lively body. Picpoul is a grape variety native to the Languedoc region, perfect with oysters, and enjoyed worldwide. Filled with gorgeous new photographs, the book describes the history of this varietal from the 2nd century to the present day, and explores the harvest, bottle shape, the yearly Thau Music Festival where Picpoul is always served, the specificity of the terroir, and also includes interviews with women winemakers, each highlighting a particular facet of Picpoul de Pinet, from production to tasting.

Oorspronkelijke prijs was: € 34,95.Huidige prijs is: € 23,95.

Marc Medeville
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